Remembering Zachary Project- March


For Zachary’s 10th birthday (3/4/14), my family and I wanted to do something special.  The big 1-0 is an exciting time in a kid’s life! Although Zachary isn’t here with us, his birthday this upcoming year will be just as exciting. We decided for his 10th birthday to ask our family, friends, and people who have grown to know of and care for Zachary, to simply remember him this year.

The idea for our project was kept open, because I knew that each of the people who would want to participate would have great ideas of their own. 

In just the first month of this 12 month project, I have been blown away by the support!

For the Remembering Zachary Memorial Benches, we have raised over $1,600! This is almost enough to purchase 3 benches for Marley’s Mission. What’s the most meaningful is that these benches are from the love of over 20 people! A very special thanks goes to my parents for purchasing one bench. The benches will be engraved with “Remembering Zachary”. The people at Marley’s Mission have come to love Zach, and they are like family. I can’t wait to see Zachary have a special place at their forever home where hope and healing is given to children. (

My sister, Jennifer also did something unique! She’s aware of how special the month of April is to me. She had a shirt made for me that says “Child Abuse Awareness Month” on one side and “Zachary” on the other side! I can’t wait to wear it and promote a cause that means a lot to me.  She also took an old picture of Zachary and made it like new. She knows how I value pictures. Because I can’t ever have a new picture of Zachary, fixing one up like new is special.

My best friend Mandy for over 15 years has come up with the perfect idea! She owns a business called Little Lady Accessories. She makes the most beautiful accessories for children.  In honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month (April) and in memory of Zachary she has designed blue scarves adorned with mini child abuse awareness ribbons. For each scarf that she sells this month, she will donate $9 to the Remembering Zachary Memorial Benches! This is so meaningful because she has managed to cover so many things that are important to me. (!/photo.php?fbid=503290369737259&set=a.149329568466676.35639.148193635246936&type=1&theater)

Another friend and someone who was very special in Zachary’s life, Elisa, has come up with her very own idea. Elisa was the owner of the daycare that Zachary attended. She said that one of her favorite things to do was read to her kids and the kids at her center. In honor of his 10th birthday she and her family are going to purchase 10 books to donate to the library in his memory!! Among the 10 books, she will include some that were special to me and Zachary. I just love this idea and I’m really looking forward to it.

Finally I found out today that a co-worker and friend, Tina, has decided to pledge $10 a month to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in memory of Zachary! As I’ve gotten to know Tina, I have found out just how caring she is. I love that she has found a way to remember my son and do it through a foundation that is special to her!

I am just so honored to have the love and support from all of my family and friends. When I set out to start this project, I just had no idea what to expect. I can honestly tell you that I am just so touched to know that there are so many of you who have joined me in celebrating my son’s life!

Thank you! <3

<3 Zachary's Mom