#TeamGene; We Are Not Victims- We Are Survivors

In an attempt to smear the reputation of Gene Talerico, one of the most loyal, compassionate and dedicated men I know, Shane Scanlon sent out a political mailer that left people feeling disgust, shock, anger and hurt.

How could he throw around such offensive, slanderous accusations for his own personal gain without a care in the world of who he is hurting? Haven't all of our families been through enough? Is he trying to hurt "victims" all over again? 

If you were left angered like many of us, we are asking that you help us take action by doing any or all of what's listed below. Gene has stood for us survivors when we couldn't stand for ourselves. Since he's done everything in his power to support us, it's our turn to be there for him. 

  1. Visit my dear friend, April's Blog
  2. If you've received a post card, please print return to sender on the postcard. If you feel like leaving a note I encourage you to do so.
  3. Call the Lackawanna County District Attorney's Office and let them know this is not how survivors should be treated. (570) 963-6717.
  4. Call Shane Scanlon's headquarters at 802-DA-SHANE / 802-327-4263 and let your voices be heard. 
  5. Join April and other survivors/supporters as they walk to the Lackawanna County District Attorney's office in a peaceful protest to let Shane Scanlon know his job is to represent the victims of heinous crimes NOT re-victimize. (If you are interested in joining, please visit the contact us (<--linked here) page and leave your email address. April will forward the details on to you)
  6. Write a letter to the editor of the Scranton Times Tribune. Your letter should be 300 words or less, expressing how you feel. Letters can be submitted here.

Submitted Letter's to the Editor of the Times Tribune

An Open Letter to Shane Scanlon:

You don’t speak for me, Shane. Gene has never, would never and will never exploit me or any other victims of crime. You know what he has done and will continue to do? Advocate. Support. Care. Fight for. Educate. Inspire. Be TRUTHFUL.

Gene has been in our lives for the past 12 years. He fought for justice for my 14 month old son, Zachary, who was murdered at the hand of a child abuser. He still displays my son’s photo on his desk as a constant reminder of the deep importance and gravity of his job. He supported me and my family, every step of the way when we were amidst my own personal hell on Earth.

Please explain to me how I was exploited, how Zachary’s murder was exploited? How did Gene quit on me? He did the exact opposite. Gene continued to stay in my life a decade later. He helped me fight for legislation to stiffen the sentences of child murderers in Pennsylvania. He never took credit for it, although he was just as much a part of the process as I was. Every single time I need him, he is there. He is a fixture in my family.

I willingly, of my own accord, share my feelings and words about Gene Talerico, because the people of Lackawanna County should know who he is and what kind of man they deserve; one of dignity and integrity.

Shame on you for attempting to smear Gene’s reputation.

A Survivor

I was appalled to see the mailer which was sent, attempting to defame Mr. Talerico. I felt the need to say something in his defense. Gene Talerico has been a proven and steadfast advocate and friend to many whom he has served. You don’t have to look far to find much evidence to support that. My family is one such example. Gene helped guide my sister through the most horrific experience of her life, the murder of her baby boy. Gene has helped her not only get justice for Zachary, he has helped her in her healing process; not for notoriety or personal gain, but because he has a heart for the victimized.  I realize that I am short on space here, but truly any of this information is public knowledge and anyone who would take that atrocious mailer at face value and not examine the truth is doing a grave injustice to your county. Gene is not only qualified in experience, but in character and heart as well!

-Anny (My Sister)

The race for DA has been on my radar throughout the past few months. I'm no longer a resident of Lackawanna county, but I frequent the area often and have friends and family who live there. The race took an ugly turn yesterday with a simple mailing, sent out to thousands. A mailing making false accusations and enraging many. Across social media I have read many angry responses to this mailing. The question I am asking though, is how did we get to this point? As I read thru the responses, so many victims, from cases that Gene Talerico has overseen, are speaking up and supporting Gene. Friends and co-workers are voicing their arguments that Gene is indeed a man who never lets his victims down, he is a fighter who demands justice. So, why did the judges not appoint him? Why did the Republican Committee not endorse him? With clearly more experience, clearly more support from actual victims, clearly more sincerity, what are these other politicians afraid of? Why don't they want him elected? This mailing certainly shed light on the other candidates values, but I'd love to have some light shed on other politicians in the area and what they are truly seeking in a DA. From my experience Gene is a man who stands by his victims, when my best friend's son was murdered Gene was there for her every second of the way. He answered middle of the night phone calls, he showed up to races and events in her son's honor, he continues to stay in touch, even visit hours away, although the actual case is long over. That's the kind of man Lackawanna County deserves as DA!

-Mandy (My Best Friend)

An open letter to the recipients of Shane Scanlon's atrocious mailer:

Atrocious (adjective) - horrifyingly wicked

The statements made by the Scanlon campaign on the mailer that was received by thousands of you this week can only be described by that word. Horrifying because if you've never heard of either candidate you might believe what you read, wicked because Shane knows it is the exact opposite of who Gene is. Open facebook, search for "Gene Talerico", and you will find public post after public post from your fellow citizens giving their testimony to their experience with him. Not one claims exploitation. Not one claims that he quit on them. They explain that when they needed someone in their corner to fight for them during the worst time of their lives Gene was, and still is, there for them. 

What's my testimony? The first time I became aware of Gene was when, you guessed it, we needed his help. My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were living in Luzerne County. After a weekend trip, we came home to a ransacked house. Local police came, took a report, and told us not to get our hopes up. Defeated and violated again, my wife told me she was going to call Gene. After she explained to me who he was, how he was the prosecutor who got justice for her son, I scoffed at her as we weren't living in Lackawanna County. After my wife explained the situation to him, and how her daughter was scared that the bad guys were going to come back, within an hour the Pennsylvania State Police were in our house dusting for fingerprints. Our daughter slept fine that night. That is who Gene is. Above and beyond. Before, during, and after.

- Bill (My Husband)

Exploited Victim or Loved and Supported Survivor?

These images tell a story. Not one of an exploited "victim" but of a loved and supported survivor. Gene didn't reenter my life when it mattered to him, he never left it. That's why I freely and willingly share my story. Every citizen who should find themselves in my position, deserves a Gene Talerico to fight for them in their darkest hour. 

Failure is Not an Option

If you haven't watched, please take a few moments to see just who Gene is to me. I don't use the word hero lightly, however he is my hero. 

I stand with Gene Talerico

Through tough times and uphill battles, I was often reminded of the power of many. One at a time we stand together and we make a difference. Now's the time to take a stand for what's right. #VoteMay16 #TeamGene #Integrity #Dignity 

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable~Kenyan Proverb