A video celebration of Zachary's birthdays. <3

Each year on Zachary's birthday we celebrate as a family. We were only given one birthday with him here on Earth. Every other birthday celebration has been without him. When his second birthday was approaching, I reached out to friends to help me figure out what I was going to do on March 4th. I couldn't let the day pass as if it was just a regular day, but it didn't seem right to have a normal birthday celebration. A friend had given me the idea of a balloon release. It was perfect and it has become our families tradition. Each year we have a small celebration. I buy balloons and we write special messages on them and we release them for him to read. It's such a simple idea but it is such a great feeling. As a family we feel like we've done something with him for his birthday. I'm so fortunate to have pictures of Zachary's birthdays over the years. Here's a little video of his birthdays up until age 11.

Zachary's 10th Birthday trailer above- Made by Zachary's big sister McKenzy, with love. 

Below is the video she planned and created from his 10th birthday celebration. She did an amazing job. Here's what she had to say.

"Today was Zachary's Birthday and you probably know how special he is to me and my mom. I decided for his 10th birthday I would make a movie for him. I celebrated his birthday at Marley's Mission 🐴💙 with friends and family. I love Zachary as much as my mother does and I'm sure he loves us back. 💙"


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