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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zachary's Heroes?

Zachary's Heroes is a "pay-it-forward" project. Participation in the project happens by giving and/or receiving a Zachary's Heroes card. If you have a card, simply perform an act of kindness for someone else and be sure to pass the card along to them when you do. If you receive a card along with an act of kindness, record the act on this web page and then keep it going by doing your own good deed for someone, making sure you pass your card along while doing so.

How do I get a Zachary's Heroes Card?

There are a couple ways to get a card.

  • Receive a card from an act of kindness.
  • Request a card be sent to you
    Request A Card
  • Print your own cards

Do I need a card to participate?

No, you don't need a card to participate! If you find yourself inspired to do a good deed for someone, but don't have a card on hand, go for it! Of course, if you have an opportunity to tell them about the site or could pass a note to them, that would be great. Something as simple as "Zachary's Heroes - theRZP.com" would suffice.

What are some examples of things I can do?

We love it when people come up with their own act of kindness, however we understand sometimes you need some inspiration. So some examples of things you could do are:

  • Buy someone's food order - Whether in the drive through or at the cash register, simply let the cashier know that you'd like to pay for the next person in line and ask them to deliver the card. At a sit-down restaurant, let your server know that you'd like to pay for another table's bill, and we're sure they'd be happy to pass the card along. Who knows, you may even inspire your server to do their own good deed. It really is contagious!
  • Hold the door or let someone go first in line - Sometimes it's the simple things that make the lasting impressions.
  • Donate your time at a charity - Tell the charity workers or clients of the charity about Zachary's Heroes while you're there.

What's the difference between The Remembering Zachary Project and Zachary's Heroes?

In March 2013, we started The Remembering Zachary Project. The idea was simple. Do something, anything, in memory of Zachary that helps children. Many people participated, covering all sorts of projects in both scope and variety. Zachary's Heroes is the project that Zachary's aunt worked on for her Remembering Zachary Project.

What are you going to do with the acts of kindness collected?

In the near future, we will be adding a page to display all the wonderful acts of kindness submitted.