The Remembering Zachary {Photography} Project was started by a dear friend, Kim. She asked her photographer friends to donate their services in honor of Zachary. It was the perfect idea because Kim knows just how much pictures mean to me. My most cherished items are my pictures. They capture a moment in your life that your memory can't always hold onto. Take a look at the Remembering Zachary {Photography} Project to see some of the special things that were done in memory of Zach.


My dear friend Colleen is running 10 races for Zachary's 10th birthday. She's running 5, 5ks and 5 marathons! She's already a few months and many races into her special project. You can follow along with her journey by reading her blog. It's inspiring. My daughter and I have even started running and we have ran 2 races with her. We're looking forward to more in the future. Her blog is called "10 Running Feet"

Marley's Mission has grown to become part of our family. They weave Zachary's memory into their foundation. A very special award given at their annual Gala holds his name, a section of their farm is named in his memory and they help me remember him every chance they get. For so many reasons I will always be grateful to them. Because they love Zachary and because they work selflessly to improve the lives of children, I will always support them in any way I know how.


Timmy from Camera for a Cure collected items for the Jared Box Project. The Jared boxes were then donated to a local hospital. These fun filled boxes are given to children who are chronically ill in the hospital. Timmy does so many wonderful things for others. His Remembering Zachary Project was featured in his local paper. Thank you Timmy!