Marley's Mission's Remembering Zachary Award

Each year Marley's Mission hosts their Blue Ribbon Gala. It is a beautiful event where people come together to support and celebrate all that Marley's Mission has done.

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I remember the phone call many years ago. April, the founder of Marley's Mission, called me to tell me about the Gala. She said that one thing they wanted to incorporate yearly into their Gala was awards. They created awards that would go to some very deserving individuals. She told me that one of the awards she wanted to create was the Remembering Zachary Award! When she told me I was speechless. I hadn't wrapped my mind around what a special gift this was. After we got off the phone it began to sink in. Zachary's name would be something others would be proud to live up to. Individuals would be recognized for working to bring awareness to the very thing that took his life.

The Remembering Zachary Award

"A special award in memory of Zachary, a beautiful fourteen month old boy, who was a victim of child abuse.  This award recognizes the passionate and tireless efforts of an individual who brings greater awareness to child abuse. "

Award Recipients

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2011     Chrissy McLaughlin- Zachary's Mom

2012     Kevin Murphy- Former Pennsylvania State Representative

2013     Andy Jarbola- District Attorney

    David Tyler- Director of Legislative Affairs

2014    Kathleen Kane- Attorney General of Pennsylvania

2015   Joann Farley, Alishia Allegrucci, Kimberly Portanova-Feibus, Jeanna Sebastianelli, Ann Cook,

             Traci Berardelli, Booke Herman, JoAnne Pane

2016    Chris Kolcharno- Lackawanna County Detective

2017   Patrolman Eric Lindsay, Scott Benzeleski, Tony Shields, and Dan Schaufler

2018   Officer Gene Ruddy, Aimee Redd, and Gene Groysman