Zachary’s Army

~Collectively we are Zachary’s Voice~

Who is Zachary’s Army?

Over the last 15 years, this little Meatball has amassed an army of people who have loved him, spoken up for him, and continued his legacy. If you’re here reading his momma’s words, you’re part of Zachary’s Army.

What do We need to do?

  • Sign and share our Petition

Follow this link to sign our online petition. Sign and share with others asking them to do the same. We will present the full list of names to the parole board.

  • Write A Letter to THE Parole Board

A powerful way to share your voice. Speak up for Zachary and let the Parole Board understand the impact Zachary’s loss had either directly or indirectly on you.

Your letter must contain:

  • Letter addressed to Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

  • Include Inmate Number- Justin Kinne of SCI Frackville: GS9298

Your letter can address:

  • Ask that Justin Kinne be denied parole

  • Express that child murderers should serve nothing less than their full sentences

  • Share the impact the murder of Zachary has had on you and/or the impact you witnessed it have on me or my family

  • Recidivism is a concern. If let out, would he re-offend? After Zachary’s death we learned that he also hurt my daughter. How many other children has he hurt or would he go on to hurt? If you can’t control your temper with a 14 month old, who can you control it with?

WHERE Can we do this?

  • Sign the petition here

  • Send the letter via email or traditional mail

    • Email to with a subject line of “Parole Hearing - Justin Kinne”

    • If you prefer to mail your letter, please contact me and I will provide you with an address

When Should we dO This?

Now. Everything needs to be submitted by the time I sit before the parole board to give my testimony in early December 2019.

Justin will go before the parole board in February and the board’s decision will be made between March and May.

My family now. Zachary is always a part of our lives.

My family now. Zachary is always a part of our lives.


What do you do when one morning you wake up and your child doesn’t? I tucked two children into bed and only one of them woke up. Just like that, Zachary was gone forever. My little love was just starting his life. At 14 months he was new to walking, full of the most incredible smiles & giggles and just beginning to explore his first words. He relied on the love and protection of the adults around him. I made the forever regrettable and devastating decision to allow Justin Kinne to ‘do me the favor’ of watching Zachary when he was home sick with a fever. As a single mother I was thankful to have some help, allowing me to work and provide for my children. Instead of caring for my son he let his anger out on Zachary through a violent punch to his stomach. I was told my 14 month old was struck so hard that he flew across the room and hit his head on my one and a half inch thick glass coffee table. I was also told later that he tried to comfort Zachary’s instant pain and even cleaned up his vomit. However when Justin was given 5 days full of opportunities to TELL ANYONE what he did he choose not to. Justin Kinne choose himself because he knew what he did was wrong. He sat back and watched Zachary decline in health instead of try and save his life. Justin saw me worry about my boy, call the doctor, and question his symptoms. It wasn’t until the days after Zachary’s murder, police interviews, the autopsy results and realizing his weave of lies weren’t adding up with investigators, that he confessed. On May 28th, 4 days after Zachary’s death, Justin was arrested. After nearly a year in the courts he pled guilty to 3rd Degree Murder and received a sentence of 15-40 years in prison. May 28, 2020 is his first eligibility of parole.

Since the day Zachary has been gone I have felt this strong desire to hold on however I can. I’ve learned the tough lesson that nothing can be said or done to give him back or to fix the pain I feel. I will forever bear this grief and face what is needed to continue to remember Zachary, fight for him and be his strong momma. At the end of this process I just need to know that I have done whatever I could to help speak for Zachary and be his voice. I personally don’t think that there is any sentence that Justin can serve that will be long enough to pay for the life he has taken from our world.

How do I adequately express how Zachary’s loss has affected me? I’m not sure I can paint that picture alone. My words only tell one story. Together with your help, your signatures and your letters, we will paint a vivid picture of the impact of Zachary’s loss. That’s all I can do and it’s the only part of this process that I can have some control over.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Thank you for being a friend to me and for loving Zachary. There’s an old adage that I have grown to love. I have personally felt stronger and more capable because of you, Zachary’s Army.

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”



Zachary’s Momma Bear