The Ties That Bind ➳ Blue Ribbon Gala 2018

This is a night I look forward to each year. We all gather together for a common cause, to support Marley's Mission and their desire to improve the lives of children by giving them hope to March Forth. The people in the Marley's community are second to none. 

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Merry Christmas to My Angel

Dear Zachary,

Merry Christmas big boy. We had a great Christmas morning. As always, you're on all of our hearts. I think of you all the time. This year has been a LONG year in so many ways. I am glad that you're watching over us; we certainly need it. 

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A Divided Heart- 12 years

12 years... roughly 1/3 of my life, Zachary has been gone. We should be together. I should have three kiddos in my arms and I should be listening to him laughing with his siblings. It's wrong. It's not fair. It's tiring. However on the other hand I look at the gifts he's given me. The people I've met because of him, the kind acts that have been done in honor of him. I have always struggled with a divided heart. It's part of grief. I know it's normal, but I hate it.

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March Forth  ➳ Marley's Mission's Blue Ribbon Gala

Where do I even begin? I have so many emotions running through me. Picture perfection and joy. That's what this weekend was. 

Many months ago I got a phone call from my great friend, Gene. He asked me if I would be the Honorary Chairperson for this year's Blue Ribbon Gala for Marley's Mission.  After processing what he just asked me, without a doubt I said yes. I know it's redundant, but it was an absolute honor to be asked. I was about to follow in the footsteps of some pretty big shoes. 

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