The Remembering Zachary Award- Blue Ribbon Gala 2012

As a mother, when your child is taken from you, you want nothing more than for your child to be remembered. I have told Zachary's story personally through tears. I have sat in front of my computer and shared my emotions and thoughts through notes. I've shared his pictures and I've taken on the venture to get HB 601 passed in Pennsylvania in his memory.

However, last year I was given a tremendous gift. April, from Marley's Mission called me and told me that she wanted to name an award after my son, Zachary. She gave me the gift that I was seeking. Zachary would forever be tied to the Marley's Mission family and she has helped me to keep Zachary's memory alive. Each year people can strive to earn Zachary's award. What's best is that they can earn it by helping to bring awareness to the terrible act that took his life. This award recognizes the passionate and tireless efforts of an individual who brings greater awareness to child abuse.

This weekend I attended the Gala, thrown by Marley's Mission. As Zachary's mother, I was invited to be a co-presenter of the Remembering Zachary Award. I learned some months ago that Ced Funches, from Mothers Month would be coming in for this event. He had heard the story of Zachary and he accepted the invitation to present the award. As someone who celebrates mothers, through his foundation, he understood just how special this award was.

In addition to being Zachary's mother, I also have had the pleasure to work closely with Representative Kevin Murphy on HB 601. Because of the awareness Rep. Murphy has brought to the inadequate sentences given to child murderers, he was the recipient of this very special award.

It was a magical night. The event was filled with over 400 people. People who have come together for purpose of standing up for children. I am lucky to be a part of the Marley's Mission family.

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